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To the WMKU family:

I just wanted to say that it’s been a such a blessing to be a part of this family as long as I have. If you have read Lizzie’s recent journal entry, it basically kind of mirrors my own feelings towards having to leave WMKU. Although I have had an amazing time here and met so many wonderful people, it feels like Lizzie and my time here has come to an end. This place has been an amazing gift for me and a big stress reliever when I needed it. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people that I have met through this RP. Seriously, I have built amazing friendships with a lot of people here and I would not give it up for the world. I cannot express into words just how amazing, brilliant, and beautiful everyone here is. So thank you, for all those who have put up with me (and Lizzie) for the past nine months. I apologize to the new people who have not met Lizzie or myself, but I do hope that you enjoy WMKU as much as I have.

It breaks my heart to have to leave. I truly and honestly will miss everyone. I have come to care and adore everyone and their characters in different ways and this decision has weighed heavy on my heart. I apologize if it seems so sudden. I will miss everyone so much, but if you would like, here is my personal. I would love to keep in contact with anyone who would like to do the same.

Also, please continue the great job that you are all doing. Expand and share your gifts of writing and creativity. Enjoy, have fun, and good luck!




To all of Lizzie’s followers:

Thank you for following her for as long as you have. It’s been a pleasure to play her, but her story does not end. It will continue in a four year time jump, in which you can follow her here if you would like.

It’s been a great journey being WMKU’s Lizzie. There has been so many fond memories and stories that have been told here, in which, Lizzie is forever grateful for who came in and out of her life. But now, as she goes off into the unknown, she will reemerge and try to come into her own. If you’re willing, feel free to follow. If not, it’s been awesome. Thank you so very much!



All of my love, hugs, and kisses,

Lisa <3

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                                Para || Baby Tales

Tagging → Mary Elizabeth Puckerman (yep, you saw that right) and Noah Puckerman 
Time Frame → years into the future
Location → Puckerman Residence in New York
General Notes → A glimpse into their future - fluffy stories of Loah and their kids (Riley and Alexis)

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                         Para || Here Comes Goodbye

Tagging → Mary Elizabeth Miller and Noah Puckerman (mentions of Quinn Fabray and Kurt Hummel)
Time Frame → 9pm - July 26
Location → Lima, OH (Riley Residence and WMKU campus
General Notes → This is the end of the road for Loah at WMKU

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What the letter says.


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July 25th - Say Goodbye

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Title: Too Close

Artist: Alex Clare

Album: The Lateness of the Hour
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Alex Clare - Too Close

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My Little Dove and I. <3

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Title: Summertime Sadness

Artist: Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness